1. Come Iniziò

    Data: 17/09/2017, Categorie: Anale Trans Gay / Bisex Autore: Proprioli, Fonte: xHamster

    ... robe and I was completely naked, but it was a strange thing in a locker room of a football team, because we did not pay much attention, until I saw Chris watching carefully in the direction of my crotch. Perhaps because they knew I did not mind the fact that he looked.
    A moment of silence, his eyes were still there on my cock as I felt that I was beginning to excite and Cris probabilemte also saw that was starting to grow in size. He said "you're exciting, you like it if I look at that beautiful cock?" Neamche I realized I say "yes i like it", then Cris left the ice and put a hand on my cock was hard now. He began to massage it and move closer to his mouth, when the noise they made us take out the door and forget for a moment what was happening.
    The teams returned, the match was over, and from that day I spent a few months before he and Chris could talk about what had happened, but now for both of us were no longer hidden desires ..... finally!